Gutter Systems

Tameside Trade Plastics stock a comprehensive range of rainwater and roofline plastics,

We stock a massive range of quality plastic guttering, available for next day delivery. Colours range from cast iron effect, to classic white to caramel.

Keep your house dry: Tameside Trade plastic gutter systems are well constructed, professional solutions to drain your roof – high quality, inexpensive, easy to fit. Our gutters offer walls and foundations secure and reliable protection against rainwater.

How to measure guttering

There are steps involved in measuring guttering properly

Gutters are usually purchased in standard 13cm or 15cm sizes, and are either ‘half-round’ or ‘K-style.’ Using a sturdy and secure ladder, climb up to measure the width of the gutter opening. You’ll notice that half-round gutters have a round underside, with a lip on the outside edge. K-style gutters are L-shaped at the rear, with step-style increments at the front.

  • To measure the length of the gutter run, take the measurement from one side of the run to the other. You will probably need to make a removable mark of some kind on the guttering as you will not be able to measure in one go. This will allow you to move the ladder and complete the measurements at the other end. In most cases, downpipes and gutters can be purchased at lengths of 3m.
  • The downpipe is the next part to be measured. Measure from the upper to lower end of the downpipe and add approximately 1.2m to each one. This will take into account the angled extension positioned at the bottom.
  • All corners and end caps should also be counted. Make note of whether the end caps are left or right ends. There should be three elbow pieces on each downspout, which should also be noted.

How to install guttering

Installing guttering onto the outside of a customers property is a relatively straightforward job. uPVC guttering is by far the most popular materials used due to the many benefits they provide, including cost efficiency and longevity. As with any building job, safety is of the utmost importance, no matter how experienced you may be. Always put your safety ahead of cutting corners to finish a job quickly. Below we go into more detail about how to install guttering on properties domestic and commercial.